Big Game Murderess…

So by now most of us have seen the picture of Kendall Jones radiantly smiling next to the African Lion she’s just slaughtered.   Many are asking that Facebook take down her posts as offensive.  I disagree, she has a right to post them there.  It’s her right of free speech to do so and I resist those who would ask her to take them down.  

Of course, the lion had a right to live as well; a right that Kendall Jones took away.   Apparently Kendall has been on quite the killing spree having posted pictures of scores of beautiful animals that she has killed.   She states all is done legally, and it may be true.  She states that what she does supports conservation, and she probably believes that in some way killing beautiful animals just this side of the endangered species list, somehow helps them.  She has to, only the most profoundly honest serial killers own up to the fact that they kill because they simply like it, instead of making up some elaborate psychological story to mentally and emotionally justify their horrid actions.   I don’t begrudge hunters who stalk deer, these people usually take them home and eat them.  There are plenty of deer, and humans need to eat.  Personally I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t begrudge someone a good steak, humans are designed to be omnivores, and eating meat serves a valid biological purpose.  People need protein and especially poor people sometimes rely on a deer to feed a family throughout the winter.   However, the practice of killing “Big Game” animals is reprehensible.  Making sport out of killing is simply wrong.  What purpose does a stuffed head serve someone other than as a trophy of a kill, …just like a serial killer takes by the way.   The claim that she sometimes feeds the carcasses to villager sis a cop out and anciliary to her actions rather than the true purpose. 

 I would also not agree to the definition of “Big Game” hunting as sport.  What heroic action do you do to take a life?  You pull your finger a half inch and blam, the Lion is dead.   I saw video of her using a bench mounted 50 caliber rifle to kill animals.  That’s not sport, it’s slaughter.  It’s the sick tingle of satisfaction a serial killer gets when he snuffs out a life.   If you want sport, go out into the brush with a simple non-compound recurve bow and try to take down that lion before he mauls you to death.  At least then there would be some “sport.”   

Now onto the fact that there have been a ton of male hunters who have been doing this for a very long time, but it’s only since a  cute and perky Texas cheerleader  posts pictures that the media get up in arms.   Sexism?  Definitely!  Does it make her actions right because the attention arises out of sexism?  No,it does not.  It’s still wrong.   Maybe she has done these animals a service… maybe the negative attention she has garnered for “Big Game” hunting will ultimately help stop this practice.. but probably not.  As long as people can make money this will go on.  There will always be those people who enjoy killing for pleasure, making themselves feel better through the killing of another, and stroking their own very fragile egos by overcoming powerful beasts through the “manly” pull of their finger.   We are all shocked when we see videos of ISIS fighters in Iraq shooting men, women and children, and beheading prisoners.   The only difference is they kill people instead of animals, and what difference is that truly?     Why is it “better” to kill an innocent animal for fun, as opposed to killing people for a political reason?  It’s all killing, killing to satisfy that sick serial killer urge.   Face it Kendra, you’re a stone cold murderer at your very heart.  Admit that fact to yourself when you put on your mascara tomorrow morning.


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