The Industry of Misery

Military Ceremony in GazaI try to not take sides in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, I really do.  I try to look at it dispassionately away from the standard “US support of Israel at all costs” party line.  I have friends who are Palestinian, and friends who are of Arab ancestry.   They are all wonderful, hard working and amazing people.   That’s why it is so hard to watch what is happening in the Gaza Strip right now.   Hamas seems to start their Quixotic attacks on Israel just when their political power seems to be starting to wane, and their useless attacks on Israel prop up Hamas at the expense of the Palestinian people.   At least the leadership in the West Bank has sense enough to not start a fight they can’t win, at least not as of the time of this writing.   Hamas preys on the Palestinians of Gaza, sacrificing them on the alter of martyrdom and maintaining Hamas power.  Hamas’ industry is one of perpetual misery perpetrated on innocent people, both Palestinians and Jews.   Israel uses missiles to defend its people.  Hamas uses people to defend its missiles.   By placing their launchers in neighborhood mosques and schools, they taunt Israel to strike them, causing civilian casualties that Hamas can then use to rouse popular support for their bellicose stance against Israel.  When will the Gazan Palestinians wake to the fact that Hamas is treating them akin to animals meant for slaughter? It pains me to see the predictable and totally unnecessary destruction that results from their useless attacks on Israel.   Neither side can ultimately claim legitimate right to the land.  The Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians all came and conquered and slaughtered at various times throughout history. While a few worry about political power, ancient wrongs, and indulging their penchant for murder, millions of shopkeepers, barbers, farmers, and children who just want to live peaceful, uneventful lives suffer.   There can be no perfect peace there, but can there be some semblance of co-existence?      I pray all can find it in their hearts to do what is right now, what is best for their people, not to live in the past reliving past wrongs.   May God grant some peace to Palestinians and Israelis.


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