Another MALAYSIAN Disaster



I don’t think the Ukrainian separatists knew Malaysian flight 17 was a commercial flight.  It’s clear from the tapes that they thought it was a Ukrainian military transport.    Planes get shot down in war zones.  That’s a fact of war.  It’s dirty, it’s nasty, people die.  I guess that’s kinda the point in war, isn’t it?   Prior to Malaysian Flight 17 getting shot down, four different planes had been hit and blown out of the sky in the preceding few days.   Everyone knew it was dangerous airspace.   British Airways and Air France both detoured their flights around the war zone, however Malaysian Airlines decided to fly their plane straight through the war zone.  Why?  Well it saved a bit of fuel and a few minutes of flight time.   I’m not condoning war or violence, but war sometimes happens.   When it does, innocent people die.  But the victims of Malaysian flight 17 didn’t have to die.  Had Malaysian Airlines followed the same safety protocols as the British and French, those people wouldn’t have died.  To me, that’s even more criminal than the unavoidable random innocents getting killed in an ugly war.   The flight 17 deaths could have been prevented.  I hope that after all the geopolitical posturing is done, that Malaysian Airlines faces some consequences for their actions.   Thought you were saving a few thousand dollars in jet fuel; well you lost an entire multi-million dollar jetliner, millions in lawsuits and attorney fees, and cost nearly 300 people their lives.   Go take that to the bank Malaysian Airlines.



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