Update on Israel vs. Hamas

Gaza 3

Update on Israel vs. Hamas 

In a previous post I correctly predicted that the current Israeli-Hamas flare-up would be different this time around. Perhaps the Central Intelligence Agency should hire me? At any rate, Israel has been pounding Hamas relentlessly. Unfortunately due to the nature of the conflict and the strategy of Hamas to locate their military assets in mosques, school yards and other sensitive buildings, Israeli fire has been resulting in significant civilian casualties.   We are seeing the pictures of dead children as in previous conflicts but unlike previous times, we are also seeing commentary linking the casualties to Hamas practices. This really hasn’t happened in a strong way before and this new development is giving the Israelis license to pound Hamas and to weather the negative publicity that Hamas has counted upon in the past to stop Israeli action.   In news today, Israel called up 18,000 additional reservists and Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it clear that this will be a protracted conflict. Public opinion in favor of Netanyahu and his strategy is running at an unprecedented 95% positive among Israeli Jews.   Oddly enough the leader of international pressure to halt Israeli operations has been led by the United States.   Russia is busy defending its actions in Ukraine, China remains neutral as usual and Britain and France are focused on Ukraine and stopping future Soviet aggression.   In the same way that Putin has blown off President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu has followed suite and rebuffed John Kerry’s peace initiatives. I guess he figures that if Putin can get away with it, then he and the Israel lobby in the US, will definitely be able to pull off thumbing their noses at President Obama’s futile efforts.   I certainly wouldn’t want to be a Hamas commander these days.   Apparently their main headquarters is underneath a hospital, and while it is unlikely that Israel would take it out without a strong (and very internationally public) warning to evacuate, the fact that the Israelis took out the Gaza power station shows they aren’t afraid to hit sensitive targets. Hamas definitely miscalculated and they (and all of Gaza unfortunately) are paying the price.   Meanwhile as long as Abbas can keep the West Bank in check, the West Bank Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority will come out ahead when all the dust clears.


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