Children and Uzis

This is an indictment of how far the mental IQ of our collective society has gone. First, I find these types of venues to be sad in and of themselves, catering to pot-bellied wanna-be special force armchair warriors. If you want to play with guns, join the military and become properly trained, and oh by the way, risk your life defending our freedom. My hat is off to the real warriors that go through intensive training to learn their tradecraft and put their lives on the line. Second, shooting military weapons full auto is a pure indulgence catering to the testosterone challenged please look at me I’m a manly man crowd. Until the zombie apocalypse happens, these weapons will not be used in any self-defense situation. One may fantasize about it, but unless there is a complete breakdown of society, 99.999% of self-defense situations will involve the use of a handgun or a home defense shotgun. Someone please look up the number of US self-defense situations involving an uzi. (Not counting Israel here where there might actually be a real military threat) Third, there are height restrictions on amusement park rides for crying out loud, what does a 70 lb girl do with a full auto weapon…kill her instructor apparently. I question the sanity of parents that indulge a 9 year olds uzi bucket list and am pretty sure the idea was planted by her parents. The poor girl probably was showered with blood and brain matter and will be messed up for quite awhile. Congratulations, parent of the year! Finally, just let me say that yes I am pro 2nd amendment, and support the right of the population to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately every population will have its fair share of idiots who measure their manhood by the caliber they carry and the number of weapons they own. Remember, you only have two hands and can only use two pistols or one long gun effectively at once. I can even understand a winter and a summer carry gun, but fifty guns …please! And for those of you who are going to ding me as some liberal anti-2nd amendment nutjob by writing this, just remember that this incident will be used by anti-gun activists for the next 10 years, so congratulate the idiot parents and gun range owner for providing your opponents with THAT ammunition. Peace.

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