Monthly Archives: January 2015

I am NOT Charlie


I deplore the violent attack on Charlie Hebdo perpetrated by Islamic extremists in Paris, but I am not Charlie Hebdo.   While supporting their right to free speech, I can’t agree with them in their negative depiction of a religious figure revered by a billion people.  It’s not in good taste in the same way displaying a cross in a bottle of urine or Mary, the mother of Jesus covered by feces in a New York gallery isn’t in good taste.   Yes, these organizations have the right to display just about anything, but it doesn’t mean we should like it.   We can at the same time support the right of free speech and pass judgment on what is good or bad.   That judgment doesn’t preclude it being shown.    So I won’t buy the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo with Mohammed on it, nor will I go see something that is derogatory to my religion.  Nor will I patronize businesses that act contrary to my core political beliefs, such as non-discrimination against people based on their race, religion, and sexual or gender preference.   That is my right.  So I am not Charlie.    That doesn’t make me an extremist, apologist, or a supporter of terrorism.   It makes me someone with a principled opinion.