Syrian Refugees: To accept or not to accept? That is the question.

syrianThe answer is yes. Before you call me a bleeding heart liberal, let me explain.   I understand the risks of letting in people; after all ISIS could sneak someone in as a refugee.   They could also sneak someone in pretty easily over the Mexican border or the Canadian border or radicalize any number of people within the United States.   What percentage of refugees will commit crimes? Will it be any higher than the native population?   We already have a high crime rate, how many refugees have committed crimes compared to the general population? Compared to the already existing illegal immigrant population?   If we fear a refugee, perhaps we should fear our neighbor as well?   Then, you have to ask yourself the question: What would it take to keep us completely safe? The answer is a Government so invasive no one on either the right or left would want to live under it; it would mean no guns, border checkpoints at every county line, registrations of everyone, neighbor spying on neighbor.   In effect, it would be 1937 Germany.   No one wants that…except ISIS.   You see, I believe ISIS knows it can’t topple the United States by killing us; after all we do that pretty well enough already.   Think of the people that die from gun violence in the United States, from knife violence, from automobile accidents, by industrial accidents.   More people die in the United States as a result of slip and falls than all the terrorism we’ve ever experienced in our entire national history. So can ISIS beat us by killing us? The answer is no, they cannot. They CAN beat us by making us so afraid that we destroy ourselves, by destroying our way of life. You see, that is the real threat- at least to a nation. Oh sure, they may kill you or a loved one and that will be a tragedy, but it is a personal tragedy, not a national tragedy.   Too many Americans have died to give us the freedoms we have today for us to demean them by taking that freedom away ourselves.   Since 9-11 the war has been on foreign soil; we’ve felt comfortable knowing that “other people” namely our sons and daughters in the military were the only ones at risk. Well, the war has come home; why shouldn’t it? Do you think that you can wage war without being involved? We are all in this together, so prepare yourselves, be ready to confront any terrorist that appears, and be an American.   The man who shields you from a terrorist bullet in a crowded movie theatre may just very well be one of those recent Syrian immigrants.


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