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Arkham Knight…SUCKS!

Another Video Game review: Arkham Knight
Simple- don’t waste your money. Rocksteady, er I mean Rockstupid, blew it…completely. They did a good job with their previous Batman games, but Arkham Knight is just a stupid driving bat tank game. No true Batman action and a weird and stupid plot line. I tosed it in the trash about 1/4 of the way in. I watched the cutscenes online- and I’m glad I didn’t waste my time playing through. Don’t waste your money, don’t buy this… new or even used. Consign it to the trash heap of F’d up dumb ass video games. I did fish it out of the trash to reuse at GameStop… maybe I might get a couple bucks out of it. This was a Christmas gift but it was a waste of money to buy. Sorry Rocksteady, you are Rockstupid. Fire the people responsible. You suck. This game sucks. Your company sucks. Just quit. Yes- sweet Jenni does get pissed off once in awhile…this is one of them…