I love writing. To me, writing is our one and only chance at immortality.  Someday we may be gone and settled to dust but the words we publish in print or in electrons coursing through the World Wide Web will last forever.   Our job is to create something of value worthy of that permanence.  We all hope to be recognized for that classical, timeless work that persists in the hearts and minds of readers through the ages, but even if we only impact one opinion, open one mind, or contribute a small part to the fabric of global society each day, we are living a worthwhile existence.  

I bring a wealth of resources to everything I write. My education includes degrees in engineering, political science, and business.   My work history includes government, private business, non-profits, unions, and entrepreneurship. I am equally at ease writing a technical manual or a science fiction novel.    I’m a typical American mix composed of Italian, Scottish, and Native American ancestors. I blend with friends of all socioeconomic, religious, racial and gender continuums and am all the richer for it. As a curious individual and lifelong learner, I am always seeking to expand my knowledge and discover new thoughts and ideas.   My goal is to see, understand and discuss issues from all their wonderful and multitudinous perspectives.  Please join me on this journey and I sincerely hope you find something of value along the way.

Sincerely Jennifer Contrisciani



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